1. Majerle's 14th Annual Desert Classic Event
  2. Judon's Painting Flagship Video
  3. Regal Barber Co. Barber Showcase
  4. ZEN Tattoo Bat Tattoo Timelapse
  5. 76ix Car Showcase
  6. Majerle's Highlights Commercial
  7. UMANI Pizza Truck Grand Opening
  8. Cherry Peak Ski Resort
  9. Majerle's Burger Variety Video
  10. NABI 2016 Flagship
    Original soundtrack produced by Rogue Ego
  11. Influencer David Carpenter Highlight Promo
  12. AO Legacy MGA Summit 2017
  13. National Guard Child & Youth Program Inspirational


  1. Pre-Production
    Rogue Ego will get in contact with you to start conceptualization of the project in the form of a collaborative think-tank meeting where we will develop the ideas needed for the project before starting. After you and our team of content creators meet, we will send you a script and shooting schedule for your approval before we start filming.
  2. Production
    Once the script and shooting schedule have been set and all props are accounted for, a location scout will find the best place to shoot if necessary for your video. After everything has been set, a director and film crew depending on the size of the production will then work with you on set to make sure your vision is captured in the right way.
  3. Post-Production
    After everything has been filmed and processed, our team of editors will work immediately to get the first draft done for your approval. Once the rough cut has been approved, they will then put the last touches on it for your final cut. Videos can be sent in any format you wish, as well as resized for any platform.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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